David Love bass, vocals


The Carpet Frogs 

The Burton Cummings Band

Bachman Cummings 

Classic Albums Live 


Born in 1957, the year Elvis did "Jailhouse Rock" and Sam Cooke did "You Send Me",
David has been singing and playing guitar since 1967.
He has always wanted to play bass like Bill Wyman and Paul McCartney.
He likes James Bond movies (Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. Not those other loogans.)
He prefers analog to digital. 
He likes cooking with Shanmarie on Sundays.
He likes the colour blue and long walks on the beach.

Darrell McNeill guitars, vocals
( Fifteen Stone)

Darrell likes playing guitar. He likes Gibsons, Paul Reed Smiths, and Rickenbackers.
He likes the Toronto Argonauts, Rory Gallagher, and Ed Bickert.
He likes Joe Williams and Mel Torme.
He likes spending time with his family (Monique and Rory) .
His favourite movie is Casablanca and he relishes the Tronya.
And, like any good Irishman, he dislikes cheese and sushi but he likes red wine and Guinness.

Kevin Mulligan drums, vocals
Born 1954 near London England

Years playing: 53. First lessons at age six.


Influences: When I was a kid,Gene Krupa, Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham. Later, people like Steve Gadd and Jeff Porcaro shaped my thinking quite a bit. Nowadays, I regularly swipe ideas from Simon Phillips and Gavin Harrison.



My wife and kids.

Reading, gardening, cycling.

Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Vivaldi.

Bushmills Irish whiskey.

Fountain pens.

Polite people.

Tom Wells custom drums.

Zildjian cymbals.

Japanese monster movies.

Labrador Retrievers.



Teal blue.



Bores and pretentiousness, traffic jams, line-ups anywhere, prejudice and racism, crowded elevators.